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π„π―πžπ«π²π­π‘π’π§π  𝐰𝐒π₯π₯ π›πž 𝐚π₯𝐫𝐒𝐠𝐑𝐭 …

by Nhu Quynh on 2 ThΓ‘ng TΖ°, 2020
π„π―πžπ«π²π­π‘π’π§π  𝐰𝐒π₯π₯ π›πž 𝐚π₯𝐫𝐒𝐠𝐑𝐭 …

Dear customers – friends of Ecoforent,

We are extremely grateful and happy for being with you all the time. The epidemic is happening, I know you are having a hard time at work, the income is affected, the difficult when travel, as well as the entertainment activities are suspended. There is no worse feeling than this, because it is happening with ourselves. How can it be because it’s not just us, the whole world is happening like that. I believe that after this epidemic, the world will be restructured in a more positive way.

Return to the current situation!

If you are really struggling and need immediate assistance. Do not hesitate, negotiate the landlord about your current situation. If negotiation fails, you can proactively find a place that is more appropriate for your ability. However, this move may cause some inconvenience due to familiarity with the new place, the risk of Covid-19 infection is high and especially the accommodation facilities are not accepted until April 15. So declaring temporary residence for you also faces many difficulties. Therefore, after April 15, you can take the initiative. But I believe the hosts are also very sympathetic and willing to accompany you. We all know that the landlord is also facing many difficulties because of economic problems and investment. We hope that you all understand and come together. We are also working hard to bring you the best support from home owners.

So, what would we do?

At the moment, the Government of Vietnam is applying the best and strongest anti-epidemic policies to protect the lives of all of us. So let’s do our best from each of us:
– Please do not take you home or apartment
– Stay still in one place, minimize the road. Do not gather entertainment in public places more than 2 people
– Share, sympathize and follow the rules of the place where you are
– Actively protect yourself with the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam
– Continually update, monitor announcements, strictly abide by all regulations from the Government of Vietnam
It is possible that Vietnam’s medical conditions and infrastructure are not as modern and advanced as your country. But we, by all our existing resources, have been doing everything we can to protect this beautiful life.

The above are just sincere suggestions from us. For a nice living environment. Ecoforent is always looking forward to accompany you.

If you have any suggestions, please exchange directly via the hotline: 0905.422.037
Best regards!

Founder Ecoforent – Mr. Huynh Duc Viet



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