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7 Tips for your Apartment : Weekly apartment maintainance

by Tran Van Nhat on 5 Tháng Mười Một, 2019
7 Tips for your Apartment : Weekly apartment maintainance

Little steps add up to big results. And if you dedicate some time to home maintenance — two hours a week, an afternoon per month and a couple of days a year — your home will remain in tiptop shape this year.

Here’s our easy-to-follow checklist:

One bedroom SA304-apartment-for-rent-in-Da-Nang

Your weekly apartment maintainance ritual will be largely determined by the feaatures of your apartment

  • Give all your carpet a through vacunming. Or, if you have hardwood floors, give them a goo once-over with a large dust-top
  • Plan to spend 30 minutes performing one small maintainance task in your yard, such as pruninga tree or shrub, painting a mailbox, or blowing leaves and debris from garden path or sidewalk.
Studio NA287-bedroom2-apartment-for-rent-in-Da-Nang
Maintenance your apartment in good condition help your have a good mood for a long day
  • Do some bathroom maintenance. Again, we’re talking about biting things off in small chunks here!
  • Pick a drain used by a person with long hair, and clean it out with a Zip-It tool
  • Spend some time repairing damaged tile gout in a shower or tub
  • Clean the mineral sediment out of a showerhead
Superior studio A260-1, bathroom

Do some bathroom maintenance
  • Fresh up your garbage disposal. Run a tray of ice cubes through it, along with somw baking soda or lemon rinds, and voila ! It’s be clean and fresh again
  • Clean the outside of all appliance and the inside of one appliance per week. For instance, if you clean out the refrigerator this week, run a cleaning tablet through your dishwasher next week and wipe out your dryer the following week
Studio A239 big window, sofa

The above are some tips to make your apartment become cleaner and more comfortable but it does not take too much time to take care of it. We hope to help a small part of your life. Check out the next tips for the apartment in the next post. Have a nice day !


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