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Top 4 Jobs for forgeiners in Viet Nam

by Tran Van Nhat on 19 Tháng Mười Một, 2019
Top 4 Jobs for forgeiners in Viet Nam

Vietnam is not only an interesting tourist attraction, but it’s also a potential market of jobs for foreigners, especially in Da Nang city. If you are looking to experience life in a new culture, earn enough money to live an extremely comfortable lifestyle, make lots of friends and work in a rewarding and fun environment, this could be the destination for you. Below are some of the most common and high-paid jobs for foreigners in Vietnam :

Co-working space have alot of forgeiner in Viet Nam

1. Foreign language instructor/ Lecturer

In Vietnamese culture, education has been highly appreciated. It opens doors in both life and employment. Especially, in today’s society as Vietnam has further integrated into global economy, English and other foreign language skills are important. Therefore, parents are much willing to spend on their children’s schooling, setting aside educational fund

Education is highly valued in Vietnam – So if you’re looking for jobs for foreigners in Vietnam, this maybe the one!

Seeing the rising demand, an increasing number of foreign language centers (e.g ILA, VUS, ACET, British Council) have been established in Vietnam, and they aggressively hire foreign teachers to teach their students. Depending on their qualifications and experience, foreign teachers can earn from $15 to 100 per teaching hour. Many foreigners also open their own language centers or home classes, allowing them to have more control over the curriculum and earn higher salaries. Besides English, other common foreign languages are Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, etc. It is not uncommon for foreigners to start their career in Da Nang City as an ESL teacher, i.e, foreign language instructor.

2. Food & Beverage providers:

In Vietnam, foreigners are allowed to set up and operate restaurants. Food and Beverage holds great potential in Vietnam since Vietnamese is more open to foreign food and have higher disposable income, many international restaurant brands such as McDonald, KFC, Starbucks, etc. spot their golden chance and exert their presence in Vietnam.

Food & Beverage providers

Vietnamese is more open to foreign food

You don’t have to have a famous, well-known brand name in order to enter Vietnam. There are many foreigners settling in Vietnam and running their family-owned restaurants. You can just simply open your own bakery, coffee shop. These places attract not only foreigners but also local people who want to experience authentic foreign food and culture right in their home country. By implementing advanced management skills and customer services, bringing in the exotic and genuine elements of their culture, and integrating with the local taste, many foreigners are very successful with their business models.

3. Freelancer (photographer, designer, model):

If you have skills in arts, design or media, go for photographer, designer, etc. Wherever you live or whichever language you speak, you will always be welcomed. The only thing that matters is the result / the product. Hence, you are free to be creative. Illustration and graphic designers, website designers, cartoon and comic illustrators are several options you can consider.

freelancers are one of the most popular job for forgeiners in Viet Nam

Have skills in arts, design or media, go for photographer, designer when looking for jobs for foreigners in Vietnam

Since physical appearance of Westerners, Europeans is considered to be impressive and attractive to Asian (i.e Vietnam), being a model is something you can think of. Most people don’t even consider being models because they think it’s for professionals, but there are lots of  types of models. If you are at least  5′ 9″ (1.75 meters) tall and have precise measurement, go for runway model. If you are not tall nor meet the (model) standard, go for commercial model or catalog model. They are looking for people of different body types to be their freelance photo models which is worthwhile to give a try when looking for jobs for foreigners in Vietnam! 

freelance photo models

People of all shapes and sizes can give freelance photo model a try

Though, being a freelancer gives you an incredible freedom, you have to deal with inconsistent cash flow. If you want to make a living, freelancer is not enough, unless you’re working multiple jobs. However, it is believed that foreigners can live a pleasant life in Vietnam with a moderate expenditure, because Vietnam has an affordable cost of living.

4. IT

Studies show that the penetration of the internet, mobile and online games in Vietnam will grow in the years to come so web developers/programmers, and mobile game/ software developers will have lot of opportunities. As long as you have strong technical background, i.e, knowledge of C/C++/Java, SQL language, Perl development, etc, you are good to go

Foreigners’ skills and knowledge are highly sought-after to bridge the gap between Vietnam and the world

Since most Western/Europe countries are developed countries, these countries go with the trend and implement advanced technologies. While, Vietnam is a developing country, its familiarity with new technologies is still limited. Due to this, foreigners’ skills and knowledge are highly sought-after to bridge the gap between Vietnam and the world. IT jobs have never been more important in this information age era. Especially in Vietnam, its IT’s sector is growing quickly and has great potential. Average starting salary is 450 USD per month. Besides, with experience/senior level, getting 780 USD – 1300 USD is piece of cake.

There you have it. Listed here are just some suggestions about jobs for foreigners in Vietnam. For more information on resources for searching for employment opportunities as a foreigner in Vietnam, be sure to check out Best Vietnam Job Websites 2019.

So are you ready for one of the most exciting chapters of your life? We believe that Vietnam is the perfect antidote to a lackluster period as a young adult or someone in the middle of their career. Your future is bright if you opt to take a leap of faith and work in Vietnam!


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