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Laundry Service – Notes For Choosing It!

by Minh Anh on 4 Tháng Bảy, 2019
Laundry Service – Notes For Choosing It!

Choosing Laundry service – Knowing your own needs:

Knowing about your own laundry needs will help you pick the right service. For example, the skin suits, you should choose the dry cleaning service.

Besides, in many stores you can choose two services: pass to the laundry store or rent a self-cleaning washing machine. The self-cleaning machine rental and help you can manipulate and feel more secure about the clothes but this is a slightly time consuming (usually 45 minutes) and less costly. If you’re busy and do not have time, you should leave clothes to the store and get an appointment time.

Selecting the unit of seniority in the industry of Laundry:

Which is extremely understandable at the time of this market economics is only where there are qualified to provide a client’s needs to last a long time. Which is why choosing a senior unit in the industry will be certain that your clothes will be cleared best.


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Terms of customer care in Laundry store:

An common issue when using the laundry service is the condition of lost and damaged clothes. In the large laundry shop will have a clear record of the level of compensation for each specific case. Please pay special attention to this point to ensure rights for yourself when using the service.

Sorting clothes before bringing to Laundry store:

The classification clothing color with white clothes will help you not blur color when general cleaning. Because in many stores overcrowding of passengers should not be able to avoid those errors.

Check the clothes carefully:

Many people are afraid to bring clothes to the store because they are afraid of problems such as fabric frayed feathers, scratch, smudged, … so to ensure that you are satisfied with the laundry service in the shop, please:

+ Check before all the bags in and out there on the clothes very carefully so as not to forget the important item such as rings, watches, passport … because it is likely to affect your clothes
+ Remind shop on the stains, smudges, the note regarding to temperature, detergent solution on clothing tag as well as the condition of the wearer himself.

Hopefully with these suggestions Ecoforent shared, users will have a better experience when using laundry service!

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