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List 3 apartment for single at Ecoforent

by Tran Van Nhat on 2 Tháng Mười Một, 2019
List 3 apartment for single at Ecoforent

The single life is one of the best ways to live. You’re the only person you have to take care of, and your space is all your own. You don’t need a huge home, high price and the way you decorate it is all your own. The problem with that is that sometimes the apartment is too small to contain your personality. So, to help you with your dilemma, we’ve collected some apartments that make the most of a small space and reflect the personality of the homeowner. Let’s take a look with ecoforent !

Apartment for single person in Da Nang. Nice design, bedroom have bog window for relax in morning, green tont,…

Make you feel comfortable by enough space, quite area,
fully furnished with comfortable furniture,
Direction is very nice and fresh

One of the reason why these apartment so suitable for single person is the price is quite expensive for finance, just only from 200 to 300 USD


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