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10+ Traditional Things To Do On Tet Holiday In Vietnam

by Tran Van Nhat on 16 Tháng Một, 2021
10+ Traditional Things To Do On Tet Holiday In Vietnam

Tet Holiday, or Lunar New Year, is the most important festival in Vietnam. Tet is the time for a family reunion, so people visit their family, preparing and enjoying Tet holiday together.

Do you know what to do on Tet Holiday? Read on to find traditional things to do on Tet holiday in Vietnam.

1. “Refreshing” the house

Tet is the time for new things. Vietnamese usually spend half of the month before Tet holiday to prepare for it.


Cleaning the house before Tet is one of the most important cultural features in Vietnam. Housecleaning, before Lunar New Year, helps to organize the old year, removing old things to remove bad luck and welcome New Year’s fortunes
Repainting the house, washing mattress and pillow, trimming trees neatly, etc. can make the house look refreshed and beautiful

2. Receiving lucky money – Lì xì

Lucky money is, as its name, a gift from one person to another to wish them a Happy New Year. Lucky money is often placed in a red envelope, as red equals to “lucky” in Vietnamese culture. Usually, kids receive lots of lucky money, and they will need to say thank you and wish the giver best wishes

These wishes changes based on the giver, but overall, “Health, Happiness, Luck & Prosperity” are the main components. More specifically, if grandparents give lucky money to their grandkids, the kids will say wishes for health.

While kids receive money from people who are still working, they will give wishes for jobs and money instead.

3. Visiting flower markets

Tet is the time to wander! The streets are charming with all the decorations and flower markets, so people usually hang out and observing these beauties

It’s common to have some professional photoshoots at these flower markets too

4. Buying decorations

Vietnamese people love decorating their houses on Tet holiday. Lunar New Year is an occasion for members to prepare new items and furniture to welcome a full Tet and a fortune year.
It’s also essential to buy flowers to decorate at home. In the north of Vietnam, Northern Vietnamese usually buy Peach Blossom trees, while in the South, people place Ochna trees in their houses

There are many criteria to evaluate how good an Ochna tree is. People usually assess them based on the number of flowers, the shape of flowers and the shape of the root.

“The more beautiful the Ochna tree is, the luckier the family receives on New Year,”

5. Watching Tet’s TV series

There are some special TV series which are only available on Tet Holiday, and families usually sit together and enjoy them

One of the most popular series is Tao Quan – The Kitchen Gods, which is a yearly comedy series. It reports the main issues that happened in Vietnam in that fiscal year with a good sense of humor

6. Making traditional Vietnamese cake – Banh Chung and Banh Tet

Tet is the time for tradition. Folding Traditional cake – Banh Chung, Banh Tet is a Vietnamese tradition that started from 18th Hung Vuong King.On the 28th – 29th of Tet Holiday, Vietnamese families often gather and make Banh Chung (square glutinous rice cake) and Banh Tet to enjoy and give to others.

It’s quite challenging to make these traditional cakes so the makers must be very skillful to be able to wrap these cakes beautifully and tightly. Otherwise, the cakes will crack and absorb water.

7. Worshiping the ancestors

Preparing dishes to worship the ancestors has become a significant activity on the 30th of Tet Holiday. This beautiful tradition reminds people about the memories and the merits of their ancestors.

In the early morning, the family members prepare the altar and dishes to “invite” their ancestors to come back and celebrate Tet together. By doing this, Vietnamese people can show respect to their ancestors. Tet banquet becomes the invisible link between the living and the dead.

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8. New Year Eve’s ceremony

New Year’s Eve is the connection time between two years, and it’s time to prepare the altar and traditional dishes to worship the gods. At the end of the year, old gods give up work for new gods at the moment of transfer between the new year and the past year. Therefore, Vietnamese people celebrate New Year’s Eve to see the old god and welcome the new gods

People usually prepare the feast to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the middle of the courtyard. The dishes include five-fruit tray – Cầu (Custard-apple), Dừa (Coconut), Đủ (Papaya), Xoài (Mango), and Dưa hấu (Watermelon)

9. Tasting Vietnamese traditional food

Tet is the best time to try traditional Vietnamese food! Banh Chung, Banh Tet, and pig trotters stewed with dried bamboo shoots are some of the main dishes.

10. Family reunion

Tet is the time for family. Despite how far they live, Vietnamese people always try their best to come back home for a family reunion.

Family members usually gather together at the main house, or they will go around and visit their relatives and friends. People often organize Tet banquet during these reunions, and of course, there will be a lot of drinking and eating.

Visiting people is a very unique and indispensable culture on Tet holiday, showing the kindness and joy of spring. When visiting, everyone is dressed in beautiful clothes, usually with a red meaning, and bring gifts to celebrate with the owner

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Happy Tet! Wishing you a great year full of happiness, wealthiness, healthiness, and luck!


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