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Living in VietNam’s Da Nang city as an expat – Ecoforent Sharing

by Tran Van Nhat on 5 Tháng Mười, 2020
Living in VietNam’s Da Nang city as an expat – Ecoforent Sharing

DaNang is a city located in central Vietnam. Today it has become known for the excellent quality of life with a vibrant and modern city

For a person who is coming to Danang with foreign income or pension, life in DaNang can be really cheap. In this city you get very cheap rental options, the typical and merged gastronomy is fully accessible. Even gasoline, internet, primary goods are inexpensive.

Da Nang at night
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If you are looking for a new lifestyle, DaNang offers you incredible options. A prominent factor in social growth is that costs in services are still very low. Also, access to digital networks is something you can enjoy anywhere. DaNang offers you excellent connection plans at an extremely fast speed.

Cheap life in Danang as an expatriate

The first thing to consider is whether the cost of living is balanced. The cost of living that can be had in DaNang, does not exceed $ 20 a day. With just $ 15 a day, you can maintain a good living system by covering basic necessities

With about $15 you can cover all the food at home for a week with the best and freshest ingredients. With what you can spend in other countries for coffee, in DaNang you spend it for 6.

Basic gasoline consumption is used for daily transfers within the city. It is very easy to rent a long term motobike there if you wish to settle down for a couple of months. Cost of living and budget is usually very affordable in Vietnam, but over there it Danang, it sounds that you can get even better services or products for lower price than living in Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi

The prices of a lot of rental places (apartments, houses) in the city are very low. What you can spend for a shared site for three people in America, in DaNang you spend it in a two-bedroom apartment or house with two separate bathrooms.

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Insight from an Expat living in Vietnam

Guillaume Rondan from Movetoasia share with you his feedback about investment and business opportunities for investors and foreign entrepreneurs who wish to move to Vietnam. He also explains you why this city is one of the best to move in Vietnam

Because of the good infrastructures, the beach side, international airport and location, this city is one of the top one to focus on if you want to invest or set up a business in Vietnam

Finding a job – Create your own job in Vietnam

The best work plan you can execute in DaNang is to earn money from abroad. The most advisable thing is to work online from there as there are a huge tech community and digital nomads. So you can be hire by a foreign company having a team in DaNang or even launch your entrepreneur journey by building an outsourcing team in Danang and work for customers based overseas.

Although working online is a great idea to generate income, building teams in DaNang is not difficult. The main thing is that the people who live in the place are always ready. Normally, they open up to new business projects and focus on developing them in a decisive way

Although it may not seem like it, DaNang is a city where technological advances are quite pronounced. So the work activity on digital platforms can be very prosperous. There are other ways to earn a good salary to live in DaNang. However, it is better to get involved in online systems, and take advantage of skilled IT workforce to scale your business

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DaNang: Vietnamese hub for tourism

DaNang is a city that is in great tourist growth due to several factors. First, the landscapes and tours are beautiful. There are countless white sand beaches that cover the coasts. Lakes and rivers of fresh water where total serenity is appreciated. Trails between the mountains for excursions totally clean and open to the public.

A 150-m-long bridge nestled in the hills of Da Nang, Vietnam, appears as if it were being held up by a pair of giant hands.

The second theme that stands out as a tourist city is gastronomy. In restaurants and cafes you can find two things. The food is exceptional and inexpensive. They always offer delicious dishes with gastronomy typical of the region. They are very complete and succulent dishes and the prices for dishes do not exceed $3. Another pattern that you can find in DaNang’s food places are the incredible people who live in the town.

The local people from DaNang are very kind in their day to day habits and they usually can speak a better english than most of the other cities in Vietnam so it is pretty easy as a foreigner to connect to the local community. Coffees, bars and restaurants would be the spaces you can choose to socialize with locals, tourists and foreigners living in this city. The general environment that exists in this city is very fresh and light. Because of the perfect location between mountains and beach side, it creates fresh and easy vibes that expatriates like.

Another factor that stimulates tourism and attract more investors to DaNang is the diversity of hotels that have been built. As a city of advance, hotel growth has been high. You can get the best options : from guesthouse to 5-star resorts with private beach. These premium-range hotels are fully equipped with the best care, services and environments for the total enjoyment of the tourist

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Things to do around DaNang

If your plan is to move to DaNang, there is an excellent advantage. Being a central city of Vietnam, you can travel to other cities in the country with ease. The prices that the airlines handle are very affordable. You can come and go from one city to another with a budget of $50. You will not have a chance to get bored, because taking a flight to any part of Asia is something you can do until there and back in a single day. You can get to know other Asian cultures constantly, thanks to the excellent flight plans that the airlines offer.

Airlines in DaNang frequently activate and renew their travel packages to further streamline tourism activity. You can enjoy flights up to first class without losing your budget. DaNang, the best option to live ? Perhaps, your original plan was not to settle in DaNang. Once, it didn’t even occur to you to stop by. But, after reading the article, you discover that this city is one of the best options to establish a life as an expat living in Vietnam.

DaNang is a city that is emerging quickly and successfully. At a general level, in DaNang, there is good social understanding. The values of respect and social communication remain solid as people tend to speak better english because of the tourist and foreign community. From gastronomy to its landscapes, from the economy to its culture, DaNang is becoming a great destination for both inhabiting and visiting

Source: VietNamInsider


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